Sep 2, 2011

Quotable Friday

Van Gogh, Self Portrait 1889

Hi, all.

This week was all over the place for me in terms of writing productivity. I had a few days that were killer, and a few that were utterly wasted. So for Quotable Friday, I'm sharing one of my favorite quotes about persistence in art. It comes not from a writer but a painter, who also happened to be quite eloquent, as I think you'll see:

"But on the path I have taken now I must keep going; if I don't do anything, if I do not study, if I do not go on seeking any longer, then I am lost. Then woe is me. That is how I look at it; to continue, to continue; that is what is necessary. But you will ask: What is your definite aim? That aim becomes more definite, will stand out slowly and surely, just as the rough draught becomes a sketch, and the sketch becomes a picture, little by little, by working seriously on it, by pondering over the idea, vague at first, over the thought that was fleeting and passing, till it gets fixed."

Those are Vincent Van Gogh's words in his letters to his brother, Theo.

Next week--or probably sooner--I will work seriously. I will ponder and go on studying and seeking. I will continue. Because Vincent is right: that is what is necessary.

I hope, wherever your passion lies, that you choose to continue too.

Have a great long weekend.

And do try, if you can, to move like Jagger.


  1. Great quote and good luck with your work next week.

    LOL, I love that song. Hope you have a great weekend too :-)

  2. I've always loved this quote! I find it especially moving and relevant knowing fame and fortune didn't find him until after his death. Just think -- If he had quested simply for those rather than artistic expression, would he have given up? Oh, what a loss for the rest of the world that would have been. Good luck with the serious work, V. I'll be working seriously through the month, too. Let's make coffee happen early in October, okay? xox

  3. Did anybody see the Doctor Who episode about Van Gogh? Made me cry.

    Inspiring post, Veronica. Sometimes a few wasted days are all we need to refill the well. Enjoy the weekend!

  4. Thanks, Safari Poet : ) It is hard not to dance when you hear that song. Sus- good luck this month & yesss to coffee in Oct. Eve- Missed that Dr. Who. And I love the idea of refilling the well. Great weekend to *you.*

  5. I swear that Moves Like Jagger reference you just earned yourself some serious points! :) I def know the rollercoaster of productivity. I have weeks were I feel I've written less than I really have! Good luck this week!!! :)

  6. Beautiful quote Veronica.
    Everytime I go to the Norton Simon I sit and stare endlessly at Mulberry Tree. I am profoundly and utterly amazed by his craft.
    Thanks for the reminder,

  7. Thanks Valia! And Melanie-- yes. His paintings are far more incredible in person, as they all are, but I find that to be particularly true of Van Gogh. His brushwork is indescribably beautiful.

  8. Elusive art--what makes some of us compelled to pursue our art and others not?

  9. I did not move like Jagger, however I did laugh like Groucho and create (thanks to a laughing llama, no less). Wonderful Van Gogh quote. Good luck with the necessary work.