Sep 15, 2011


1. We're looking at dialogue at the YA Muses this week. Want to hear what we have to say about talking?

2. I couldn't get to a review of my own today, but check out these great recs from the Bookanistas.

Elana Johnson is in a tizzy over Texas Gothic
LiLa Roecker  celebrates Something Like Hope
Christine Fonseca  is transformed by Shifting
Shannon Whitney Messenger takes a shine to So Silver Bright – with giveaway
Scott Tracey is on board for Starship Academy
Beth Revis shouts about The Name of the Star
Shana Silver loves Lola and the Boy Next Door
Rosemary Clement Moore is distracted by Alien Invasion & Other Inconveniences
Sarah Frances Hardy adores Birdie’s Big Girl Dress
Stasia Ward Kehoe takes a fancy to Fracture
Carolina Valdez Miller goes gaga for Glow and Shifting – with giveaway


  1. Hi Veronica! After reading the summary of Under The Never Sky I couldn't wait to get a chance to read it! I was wondering if you knew who I should contact to request a review copy of your book. My email is Ezmirelda (dot) d (at)

  2. Sent you an email, Ezmirelda. Thanks and hope you enjoy it!