Apr 2, 2012

Q & A

I've been receiving so much wonderful feedback from you guys! Thank you! I love hearing from you.

Here are a few of the more frequently asked questions, with my answers below:

Will UNDER THE NEVER SKY become a movie?

I wish I could say a resounding yes!, but the answer is actually maybe. The film rights to the trilogy have been optioned by Warner Bros. studios, which basically means they are developing the story. I have to tell you that this still blows. my. mind. (Who do you think should play Aria and Perry? Leave a note in the comments below! It's always so interesting for me to see how readers view the characters.)

When will Book Two be released?

Early next year. I don't have a specific date yet, but I'll announce it here as soon as I do.

How do I get a signed and/or personalized copy of the book?

Contact Rakestraw Books at (925) 837-7337 with your information (payment, personalization, address) and they will ship it to you.

What are your favorite books?

Anything by Kristin Cashore. Anything my Laini Taylor. Anything by MT Anderson. I also love the His Dark Materials trilogy. I devour George RR Martin's books. I reread Persuasion by Jane Austen every year. I'm obsessed with The Count of Monte Cristo. I was supremely moved by Dave Eggers' A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius. I put Ender's Game into the hands of everyone who asks me for a thrilling book. I thought Incarceron was terrifically original and dark. The Hunger Games blew my mind. Across the Nightingale Floor swept me away. And Harry Potter... I could go on. Sigh. Books are awesome.

Who was harder/more fun to write, Aria or Perry?

Aria. I don't really know why. I just totally channeled Perry right from the beginning. At one point had the story all in his POV. I'm really glad I picked up Aria's voice, and she's as fun/difficult for me to write as Perry now. It just took me a little longer to find her.

How long did it take you to write UNDER THE NEVER SKY?

A year to develop and draft, and then six months to revise.

Will we get to see more of Roar in Book Two?

The answer is.... yes! You will see much more of Roar in Book Two. And you'll meet Liv. I'm going to stop there, so I don't get spoilery. (Lots of questions about Roar from you guys, I must say...) 

Are you going on book tour, if so where?

I will be going on book tour over the next few weeks. For dates and locations, check here or here.

Is there an UNDER THE NEVER SKY playlist?

There certainly is, and it's right over here :)

Is there anything you'd like to know that I haven't answered above? Leave a comment with your question!