Dec 30, 2011


Ahhh.... The land down under. Who isn't enchanted by Australia? 

I am. Always have been. Which makes it especially amazing that UNDER THE NEVER SKY is now on Australian bookshelves. I'm only disappointed my book got there before I did. 

I've "met" some of you via the nets. Tez, Brodie, Lisa, Kat, Amie and Rebecca (thanks for the photo!) to name just a few. And I have to know: Is there some national coolness test you guys have to pass? Are you a utopia, Australia? I'm beginning to wonder.

If you've come by and you're from Oz as well, please leave a comment and say hello! Or G' day? (I feel like a poser saying that. Did it sound ok?) I'd love to hear from you! Also, do any of you know Chris Hemsworth? I'm kidding... Sort of... Do you?

To you Aussies, I hope the Australian Never Sky treats you well. Cheers, mates! 

And look at you. You're beautiful.

Three Days and Counting...

Next week, my debut novel will be out in the world.

*dramatic pause*

At any given moment, I've been alternating between a zen-like attitude and panic. This is the moment of letting go, after two and a half years of brainstorming, researching, writing, revising, revising, revising. Of hoping that it's good enough and that it entertains and moves people--hopefully many people. I know it will fall short of some reader's expectations. Not every book hits the right notes with me, either, and that's okay. We all have our preferences. But I do hope that the majority of those who pick up NEVER SKY find their time with the story time well-spent.


Who am I kidding? I hope they love it.

One thing I'm sure about: I love that book. It's not perfect, but I do love it. And it's ready for you, World.

Now, onto super fun things:

BLOG TOUR OF AWESOME -- The Teen Book Scene is hosting a blog tour for yours truly. I had so much fun with this crew--thanks for having me! Please stop over and visit their blogs. And mega-thanks to Kari, for putting everything together!

BOOK LAUNCH CELEBRATION -- Over at the YA Muses, next week is UNDER THE NEVER SKY launch week. Come by for prizes and much merriment! Details here.

FIRST RECORDED SIGHTING IN THE WILD -- Check this out... I know that book. I know it really, really well. Excuse me while I pass out for a moment.

Finally, Happy New Year to you! 
I hope 2012 brings you health, happiness and books.

Dec 9, 2011

This is for real now...

You guys.... they're here.

Final copies of UNDER THE NEVER SKY just arrived.

And... and... Wow and tears and shaking hands and all of it. Everything. That's what I'm feeling right now.  This is a moment I've wanted for so long. Unbelievable. Truly.

Dec 7, 2011

Inkpop Chat & Kirkus Star!

Hey guys!

Less than a month to go until UNDER THE NEVER SKY is on bookshelves (or in e-readers). If any of you are wondering whether it's possible to run on adrenaline for weeks at a time, I can tell you that the answer is yes. I'm excited, nervous, excited, nervous. I tend to be a bit of an introvert, so it's been a lot of adjustment over here.

Thank you to everyone who has read the book, and responded with such enthusiasm. If I could give each of you a hug, I would. Unless you're not a hugger, in which case I would offer knuckles.

Here's a round-up of recent goings-on:

1. INKPOP CHAT - This afternoon at 5 PM EST, I'll be over at chatting about the world of UNDER THE NEVER SKY. I'd love to see you there!

2. A KIRKUS STAR - Kirkus gave UNS a starred review, calling the book "Inspired, off-beat and mesmerizing." Guys.... I can't even.... I never.... I mean.... I'm not sure that one is ever going to sink in. Ever. I love that they called it "off-beat." My goal in writing it was to just let go, and tell a story without being afraid of fitting it into a neat box. To see that quality praised (by Kirkus!) is just the coolest thing. Seriously, a star from Kirkus feels huge to me. ("I'd like to thank the Academy...")

3. I've posted a few new international covers for UNS. It's so fun to see how different countries interpret the story visually. I love them all. Each one is like seeing the story through a new lens. Check them out!

Finally, be on the lookout for a revamp of the blog soon. A good friend is helping me beautify this here site. Thank you, Lia!