Oct 21, 2014


I'm so excited to share this news! I've been working on RIDERS for a few years now, and it's funny and epic and sad and scary and I can't wait for you all to read it. CAN. NOT. WAIT.

Here's the announcement:

NYT and USA Today bestselling author of the UNDER THE NEVER SKY trilogy, which has been licensed in nearly 30 markets and is in development as a feature film, Veronica Rossi's RIDERS, the story of four modern-day teens brought together by an enigmatic girl, who unwittingly become incarnations of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, tasked with protecting mankind against an ancient evil; told through the eyes of a young army Ranger candidate who becomes the embodiment of War, and SEEKER, told from the perspective of the visionary girl with whom the Ranger falls in love, to Melissa Frain at Tor for publication in Winter 2016 and 2017.


- V

Jun 16, 2014

July Appearances & Boomerang Launch!

Hey, all.

Two great events to tell you about:

Irving Texas - July 10th, Irving Public Library Teen Party and Author Panel with Julie Murphy, Lisa Stasse, Sherry Thomas and John Corey Whaley. Led by local blogger and moderator Mary Hinson.  I can't wait for this!

Tampa, Florida - July 12th, BOOMERANG Launch Party! Come hang out and celebrate the launch of my co-authored NA, written as Noelle August.

And don't forget: only three weeks until the release! Preorder your copy here or at your local indie!



Jun 11, 2014

Summer Reading!

With summer coming, I know I'm thinking a lot about what I want to read. I have a post-it by my computer, and every time I see something that strikes my interest, I write it down. I think this summer I might hit some classics again, and mix those in with lighter, fun reads. I'll also reread some of my favorite YAs. 

If you're looking for some recs, here are a few. I'm going to try to stay away from current reads and really reach back for the ones that have left a lasting impression on me. Or ones that might not be in the "mainstream."

Anyway. And, go:

GRACELING by Kristin Cashore - This one has been out for a while, but wow. I love this book. Strong heroine in a medieval-type setting. Fantasy & adventure. Gorgeous romance. Beautiful writing. I've read this one three times and I make go back for round 4 soon.

ACROSS THE NIGHTINGALE FLOOR by Lian Hearn - Fantasy and adventure, and a great romance (see a pattern emerging in my reading tastes?) in a feudal Japan like setting. This book hurt me, I loved it so much. Amazing world, characters you love. Duty. Sacrifice. Swords. Love. Honor. Ugh. So good. I should also mention that this is an adult book, but it's a fairly clean read, for those who want that info in your decision-making.

For contemporary, THE FAULT IN OUR STARS, by John Green, doesn't really need my push since it's everywhere. I'm not a huge contemporary lover (I sort of read to go to faraway places and times?), but I really thought this book was special. If you're like me, and you were hesitating because of the subject matter, give it a try. It's actually a lot of fun - and yes, heartbreaking, but ultimately very beautiful and true.

Another contemp that's a bit more off the beaten path: SAVING FRANCESCA by Melina Marchetta. This book is just so full of heart. (And a little side-bar here about MM. She's the kind of writer I want to be… No matter what she writes, contemporary, fantasy, whatever, she knocks it out of the park. Seriously. You can bet you're getting great book every time you read her.)

One last contempt: MY MOST EXCELLENT YEAR by Steve Kluger. A smart, funny, funny book with irreverent, likable characters. Read this one in a single sitting.

BRAZEN by Katherine Longshore - A historical that'll keep you up late into the night. This one is coming June 12th. In full disclosure, Katy is a friend of mine, but if this book had been written by a total stranger, I'd still love it. This is set in the Tudor-era, about Mary Fitzroy, who was forced to marry Henry VIII's illegitimate son. Achingly good.

For non-fiction, if you like biographies, and you like military fiction, FEARLESS by Eric Blehm is a book that… well, it hit me pretty hard. One of those that changes you a little. It did me.

Also incredible and a must read if you're into this type of thing: UNBROKEN by Laura Hillenbrand, also the author of SEABISCUIT. It's the absolutely mind-blowing story of Olympic track star Louis Zamperini, who was a bombardier in WW II, and was shot down in the middle of the ocean, floated for like 60 days in a tiny raft
with sharks all around him, then became a POW for many years. This book will give you an amazing look at history, but even better, a look at the amazing incredible strength of the human spirit.

I'll add more as I think of them, but adding a shameless plug here. BOOMERANG, written by me and my pal, Lorin Oberweger under the pen name Noelle August. It's a fun, fun read guys. Sexy (remember this isn't a YA) and, well, fun. It comes out July 8th, but it's available now for preorder, and I hope you'll all check it out. 

Happy reading!



May 12, 2014

RT Schedule

Hellooo, everyone!

This week is RT Convention in New Orleans and I'd really love to see you, if you'll be there, too!

Here's where you can find me:

Tuesday 5/13
8:15 - 10 pm - Never Have I Ever: New Adult Pajama Party (sponsored by William Morrow) Marriot Gallery 4, second floor

Wednesday 5/14
I'll be pretty much everywhere, just chillin' and eating beignets :)

Thursday 5/15
9 - 11 am - Sponsored YA Author Brunch, hosted by Colleen Houck, Sophie Jordan, Suzanne Lazear, Stacey Kade, Tracy Deebs, Tera Lynn Childs, and yours truly in the Riverview Room.


YA Authors at RT: Come hang out, eat, take pictures, and network with other YA authors attending the conference.

We will also have a drawing for five bags filled with goodies from the home states of our hostesses to keep the munchies at bay during the conference.

Tickets for this author only event will be included in your packets at registration. If you can't find yours or if you lose it, come anyway. It's very likely at least one of us already knows you. =)

Remember that your ticket gets both you and a guest into the brunch so if you have a friend, a sister, a mom, an assistant, or a fan you want to bring along, feel free. 

We look forward to seeing you all and catching up!

Note: The brunch bags are limited to 100, so it's first come, first served.

1:30 pm - Capturing the NA Voice Panel - moderated by Sophie Jordan, panelists: Jennifer Armentrout, Cora Carmack, Jamie McGuire, Tammara Webber - Studio 7, Preservation Hall

6:30 - 8:30pm - RT Bar Crawl, Avon Venue, Saints & Sinners, 627 Bourbon Street. (I will be there around 7:50)

Friday 5/16
6:15 - 7:45 pm - Avon's Crewe of Muses - 3rd Floor Room: Acadia, Grand Ballroom

Saturday 5/17
11 am - 2 pm - Giant Book Fair - I'll be signing free copies from the UTNS series. Loads of them, so come by!

6:15 pm - 8 pm - Teen Day Party


Come hang out, okay!?

Apr 7, 2014

Upcoming Appearances

Hey guys. Just a heads up on some signings I'll be doing over the coming weeks:

Hope to see some of you there!

Mar 17, 2014

A Moment of Gratitude

Some of you have reached out to me recently, either in the context of the end of the UTNS series, or with this recent announcement of the NA I cowrote, and expressed your support of me as a writer. You've communicated your faith in my ability as storyteller. You've expressed your eagerness to go new places with me, story-wise, and I just want to say thank you.

It's very scary to take risks. I don't want to let you down. But I have to take risks or I'd let me and you down, and then we'd all be sad and disappointed.

Anyway, it means a lot to know that some of you really get that and respect it. Thanks.

What do you say? Let's go see some new places!

Mar 13, 2014

Regarding the NA I've Co-Written...

Hey guys,

Very excited to start sharing some information with you about my first foray into NA. (And apparently rhyming? WTH?) The novel is titled BOOMERANG and it's slated to release this summer.

Because I'm co-writing with a dear buddy, Lorin Oberweger, because it's a very different genre & style than the UTNS series, because it's sexier (and some of you might like that but some of you might not), because, because, because, it's going under a pseudonym, Noelle August. Just want to keep things clear and un-confusing!

For a little while, I'll be promoting the book under my real name, but eventually I hope to phase everything over to the Noelle August website, twitter & Facebook accounts. You can also add us to your goodreads shelf, if you like. (Please note: some of these accounts are still getting up and running, so you might have to flow with it all for a bit.)

So! If you are a fan of funny, sexy, smart contemporary romances, please follow along on the Noelle August sites for updates. I had an absolute blast writing this book and I can almost, almost guarantee that you will laugh your tushies off and swoon while you read it.

As always, stay awesome.

- V

Feb 2, 2014

More Tour Fun

Check it out! I had so much fun with these. Huge thanks to all the bloggers who participated. Love you guys!

2/2/2014              Magical Urban Fantasy Reads       Talon/Willow Interview
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2/7/2014              Once Upon a Twilight                      Interview
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2/9/2014              Curling Up With A Good Book          Guest Post

Jan 20, 2014

UTNS Farewell Tour

This awesome group of bloggers has decided to throw the UTNS series a little goodbye party. Here’s a look at the great stuff they have planned all week:
Jan 20 - Cuddblebuggery Book Blog - Live Chat with Veronica Rossi
Jan 21 - I Read, Ergo I Write - UTNS Characters Are Here to Party!
Jan 22 - The Cover Contessa - Discussion post on Roar & Aria’s Relationship 
Jan 23 - That Artsy Reader Girl - Top 15 Reasons I Love the UTNS Series
Jan 24 - The Story Siren - A Goodbye Letter
Jan 25 - Hello, Chelly - Top Ten Aria & Perry Moments
Jan 27 - Blkosiner’s Book Blog - Into The Still Blue Review

Pretty great, right? Keep an eye out for lots of more fun to come over the next two weeks.