Sep 6, 2011

Cool Writerly Things & News

1. Story Masters - Three huge writing gurus. One weekend in Houston, Texas. Have you heard of this? Donald Maass, Christopher Vogler and James Scott Bell. It's like Woodstock for writers, people. Be there. If you can't be, then read their books, yes?

2. 826 Valencia - This is a non-profit founded in San Francisco by the brilliant Dave Eggers. Have a look at what they do. You'll be inspired. It'll make you feel good about the world again.

3. Moi - I wanted to tell you about all the awesome things I did this long weekend, but... I worked. A lot. Which was good. I got on a decent streak with the writing. Yesterday, I gave myself a break and played football in the street with my kids, my husband and their friends. You know what? Throwing a spiral feels so good. And it's much easier than writing a good scene. (I'm sorry, but it's true.)

In addition to writing Book Two, I've been asked to gather some of the world-building materials I used to create the UNS. I hope you find the behind the scenes stuff interesting. (Do you?)

Finally, Ivan is now, at eight months, up to eight pounds. Any guesses on how big he'll get? I'm thinking thirty pounds...


  1. I'm always seeking out tales on the Stuff that goes with writing a novel. Endlessly fascinating! PS. The kitten stage goes so fast, doesn't it? Ours is 7 months now. The little squeak we brought home is a lanky youth. What happened???

  2. Aw, Ivan's a big, beautiful boy! Looks like a little lion :-) *hugs to kitteh*

  3. PB and Tez - thanks for coming by! Love genre cats!