Oct 18, 2013

Thoughts on BROOKE

Hey, everyone.

I'm excited to share this with you - the first of several quotes leading up to the publication (in ebook format!) of the novella, BROOKE on November 26th. I've said it before, but I really can't wait for you to discover a new side of this character. I knew she had depth, dimension, and humor all along, but after spending a few weeks in Brooke's mind, I now absolutely love this brave, flawed, fierce girl.

I try to stay in a bubble as much as I can with respect to fan reactions to characters. Not because I don't care. It's rather the opposite. I tend to care too much. I would love to write characters that you all find witty, and honorable, and smart, and just generally fabulous. But, of course, I have to listen to my instincts when I write. Which means writing real.... the good and the gritty.

That said, I have seen some hints that BROOKE might not be a fan first choice for a side story. She hasn't always displayed great maturity or selflessness, but I hope you'll still give her a chance. I think it goes without saying... we all have moments where we're not at our best. Are those the moments that define who we are? Or is something else? How we move forward in the face of our hardships and stumbles?

Hmm... These things I wonder. And might have written about in a novella that will soon be released :)

Hope you're all well.

Here's the quote!