Dec 3, 2012

UTNS Reread & Paperbacks

A couple of quick things.

1. Pitch Dark is hosting a reread of UNDER THE NEVER SKY starting tonight. Join in and you could win a finished copy of THROUGH THE EVER NIGHT. For more go here.

2. Tomorrow, paperback copies of UNDER THE NEVER SKY will be on sale. I just got my copies and they are gorgeous. (I may be biased.) Here's a shot.

3. Only two more days to enter to win a signed hardcopy of UNDER THE NEVER SKY. Info here.


  1. Las portadas son preciosas... Me encanta tú libro. Lástima que no sé inglés. Un saludo desde España (Spain).

  2. The new paperbacks are awesome! I'm thinking that even if I can't enter to win the ARCs, I'll probably do the re-read too!

  3. The paperbacks look so pretty with the Christmas lights/tree! Can't forget that wonderful keyboard either, that likely helped bring such an amazing story to the public!

    Also - if we want to buy a signed finished copy of TTEN, do you know yet where we can order them?? I didn't know if you had a local bookstore that sells signed copies of your books.