Dec 10, 2012

Signed Copies of UTNS & TTEN & Tour Dates!

support your local bookstores. look how cute they are
SIGNED COPIES - Just a quick reminder, if you would like to purchase a signed copy of UNDER THE NEVER SKY, please contact my local independent bookseller, Rakestraw Books, (925) 837-7337. Hard & paperbacks available. Order soon if you're buying for the holidays.

If you're looking for signed copies of THROUGH THE EVER NIGHT, those will be available early 2013.

All orders will receive signed bookmarks and temporary falcon tattoos that are actually quite awesome. My friends and I might be a little addicted to them.

DARK DAYS TOUR! - I'm thrilled to share these tour stops with you. Come see meee!!! I give good hugs. And I'll have fun UTNS-related treats. And we'll hang out and chitchat about books and Perry and Roar and Aria and everything. Plus I'll be with some of my favorite favorite authors. Info HERE or over on the Appearances page.


  1. SO excited to see Oregon on the second leg of the tour!! Can't wait to see you again, either in Eugene or Portland! :] Less than a month left to go for TTEN! <3

  2. February 7th, The Coop, Cambridge, MA - SO EXCITED.

  3. I'm sure you give fantastic hugs. I was too delirious from meeting a crazy awesome amazing author to notice. XD

    CARY NC FEBRUARY -- WE SHALL TALK. ^___^ And this time, not only will I try once more NOT to babble like an idiot when I see you, I will not be stingy when taking bookmarks. This time, if you tell me to take as many as I want -- I'M TAKING ALL OF THEM. Hahahhaa!

    The Authoress