Aug 21, 2012

Nostalgia aka I Want To Go Back To Art School

Weirdly, working on a new project has me feeling nostalgic. New project has a character who is an artist, and see, once upon a time I was an artist. I mean, I still am. But once--once--my hands were always either smudged with charcoal or paint of both. Once, I didn't own a single pair of jeans (or shoes) that weren't covered in paint. Once, I could look at any color and tell you exactly how I'd mix it on my palette. Exactly. Blue wasn't blue to me. It was Cerulean. French Ultramarine. Thalo. It was so much more than just blue.

I miss thinking like that. So I'm gonna start painting again.

I hope if there's something that you miss doing that you'll start up again, too. Let me know in the comments if you do.

I have books and books of this stuff. Interesting how we return to the same territory over and again.
I wrote this excerpt of WB Yeats "The Second Coming," above which has the lines, "The falcon cannot hear the falconer.... Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world."  Coincidence? I think not.
Oh, and if you're interested in seeing a few more of my old sketches you can stop over at my Facebook page. 

Rock on, y'all.


  1. yay! am now checking you facebook account for your sketches :)

  2. I have to check fb for your other sketches. That looks amazing. Its sad when you stop doing or don't have time to do what you enjoy most or what makes you happy. Everyone should make room in their day for it. This motivates me to do that as well. Pick up my favorite pastimes again

  3. I've always loved the idea of a color being more than it's called. There's something so beautifully poetic about it. Also, great sketches! I could never draw real-life things. I mostly stick to anime and such which is why I really admire people who can capture the realism of people. Great job!

  4. I have a bachelors in visual communications which was my college's graphic design program. I loved painting, but I married a fine artist who puts my masterpieces to shame. I do miss it. I would start up again but writing and my son take up my free time.

  5. Eliza, now I want to see your husbands paintings and read your writing... :D

  6. You are more than welcome at both! I'd glady send you an email. Maybe I can convince the hubby to do some sketches of Four ; )

    1. OMG I can't belive I just mixed up Perry and Four from Divergent. PERRY is much hotter. My bad!

  7. Oh, cerulean! <3 I'm rather fond of chartreuse, too. And mauve, eggplant, taupe. (Although I realize none of these are blues.) I didn't study fine arts, and I was rather terrible in the few painting classes I took, but design school definitely made me a color (and typography) nerd. I think once these things get under our skin, we never lose them. Returning to the medium is like visiting an old friend.

    Your sketches are lovely, btw. *jumps over to facebook for more*

  8. Good for you Veronica! I miss art school too :(

    I really love DIY projects and I have some that I'm going to try! I just love being crafty :-)

  9. I've always envied people who can draw and write--and do both well. Great sketches! I live in Detroit, where it seems everyone is going through a nostalgic phase just like yours. Me? I'm going to try to get back into making ads.

  10. Do you ever find yourself sketching your characters? It makes me think of Harry Potter and the illustrations at the beginning of each chapter. I wonder how interesting the sketches would be if you did one of each major point in your stories...

    Thanks for sharing - I've always thought of sketches and drawings as an authors journal/diary. :)

  11. Hey Veronica!

    This is one of my new favorite blog posts. My current WIP is about a girl whose paintings come to life. She attends an art academy and, just like you, doesn’t own a single pair of jeans that aren’t covered in paint :)

    Thank you so much for sharing this!