Mar 22, 2012

Behind the Scenes of the Book Trailer - Part Two

Hey there~

Here are a few more photos from the shoot!

Aria, Perry and Roar
Isn't this shot beautiful? You can't see it, but there's a ravine where the two hillsides meet, and it's actually fairly steep. At one point during the shoot, I tried to cross this steep ravine--which is also strewn with dead (and very slippery) leaves--while holding four bottles of water. The result was something of an I LOVE LUCY episode, with me almost climbing out of the ravine about ten times, losing a water bottle, watching it roll down to the bottom, and having to restart the whole process over again. I made it, though.

I mentioned yesterday how wonderful these actors were. Also in this photo is Pedro Castro, the Director of Photography, who I'm a little obsessed with right now. Sweet, patient, and a true artist, Pedro climbed up trees, worked in the rain, in the mud, etc. I was amazed watching this guy work. I'm a total fan.

Wyatt, the actor who played Perry, happened to be an archer--and a great one at that. I love this shot, though we didn't end up using it in the trailer.

Want to see some more? I've posted a couple over at the Facebook page and tomorrow, I'll share my favorite shots right here, so come on back!


  1. Wow, that first shot really is great! And it is really great that the actor who played Perry was an archer... makes everyone's job a little easier!

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