Jan 22, 2012

UK Release & Other Updates!

UK Cover
LAST WEEK - ABA's Winter Institute in New Orleans was amazing. I met so many wonderful independent booksellers, spent some time with the awesome Harper crew, and the other Harper authors, Sarah Pennypacker and Katherine Applegate. Also, I had many conversations about the Saints loss in the playoffs. (sad face) Guys... local bookstores are so important. Please support your local businesses!

UNDER THE NEVER SKY is coming up on its third week on US bookshelves. On my way back from New Orleans, I actually spotted three copies at San Francisco International Airport, which was… it was… surreal. Thank you so much for those of you who have read and/or reviewed it.

Lately, there’s been some stickiness between reader/reviewer/bloggers and authors. I want to just state that I feel fortunate for every review. I may not love reviews that are unfavorable, but everyone has the right to speak. No one’s opinion should be silenced or mocked. That’s all I’m going to say about that… other than that I hope the book-loving community can begin to move on to enjoying and talking about books. 

UK RELEASE DATE – Mark your calendars! UNDER THE NEVER SKY publishes on February 7th. And, just in case you’ve missed it, it’s also currently available in Australia.

THIS WEEK – I will be crawling back into the writing cave to work on Book Two, titled THROUGH THE EVER NIGHT. Also this week, Brodi Ashton’s beautiful book, EVERNEATH hits the shelves.

WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO KNOW? -- I'm going to be setting up a Q&A page on the blog. Have any questions about me or UNDER THE NEVER SKY that you'd like answered? Let me know by leaving a comment on the contact page.

A MILLION SUNS by Beth Revis. Amazing follow-up to ACROSS THE UNIVERSE.
SKYLARK – Meagan Spooner’s debut novel.
SOMETHING LIKE NORMAL – Trish Doller’s debut novel.

So for the past few years, I haven't watched much television. It was great for a while. I wrote a book. I read a lot. But now I sorta miss television. So my question for you: What television series should I be watching? Leave a comment below, please. Help a girl out.


  1. You should watch 'Downton Abbey' if you're into period pieces, and 'Sherlock' if you're into...Sherlock Holmes!

    p.s. I love your book :)

  2. Firefly!! If you have not watched it before, Firefly is awesome. (Josh and Tracey can attest!)

    Current shows though, I can't help you with. The only one I watch regularly is Once Upon a Time, and I'm embarrassed about that one, because it's not very good. I just can't resist the fairy tales. ;)

  3. I watch Once Upon a Time too for my weekly fairytale dose. I love the new takes on fairytales, but sometimes the real world segment gets annoying. Basically, I just watch every episode praying its going to be part of the Snow White/ Prince Charming storyline, then am disappointed when it isn't. Still, it's worth watching.

  4. Modern Family is hysterical. It can always be relied on to make us laugh. I, too, love Downton Abbey. That's about it for me, except for the occasional Parenthood episode. I would watch Englightened, with Laura Dern, but I don't have cable (for writing reasons--luckily my husband is a writer, too, so there is no argument from him!). Wonderful you saw your book in the airport!

  5. You should watch 'New Girl'. It's hilarious and cute!

  6. So many great suggestions here! Thank you! Now I just need a little spare time...