Jan 4, 2012

NEVER SKY Survival Quiz

I think my local bookstore is excited...

Today, in brief:

1. FACEBOOK SURVIVAL QUIZ - Check this out! The photos are so evocative; I love this quiz.... and I survived!

2. PERRY LOVE - Another great post celebrating UTNS... this time focusing on Perry, over at the YA Muses.

3. GOOD STUFF - This made me really happy. Really.

When you support your local bookstore, they support you. Thank you, Rakestraw Books!


  1. I failed the test. TWICE! It was really fun to play, though. Love interactive thingummies! :)

  2. You failed? Oh dear! Sorry to hear that :D But thanks for playing, Lia.

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  4. I just finished your book. Fantastic! Thank you! I purchased mine from Barnes and Noble in Birmingham, AL. I will recommend it to all my friends. I can't wait for the 2nd.

  5. Congratulations, Veronica--a wonderful, intriguing read. The beginning really hooked me and is so well paced and riveting! Great job. Really looking forward to hearing about the writing of book #2 at YA Muses. And right on with Rakestraw! What a super bookstore.

  6. Thank you, kevin! And Lindsey and PB, I am so glad you enjoyed it! Thank you for reading! <3

  7. The world-building in UTNS is spectacular. Rossi¿s world is well developed, vivid, realistic even in its moments of fascinating unfamiliarity, and absolutely breathtaking. I love Rossi¿s idea behind Reverie, the Pods (where the Dwellers live), and the virtual Realms. First and foremost, the simple idea of pseudo Realms where everything feels incredibly real is beyond cool, intriguing, and thought-provoking.

  8. I feel like I cheated because I had read the book before I found the quiz, so I passed it right away!

    And the photos you uploaded of your local bookstore are awesome! I always love walking into bookstore and seeing the huge displays of books piled high, especially when they're almost all gone because it means I need to get my hands on a copy before it's too late!