Aug 26, 2013

Awesomeness in the Form of Music from Poland

This morning I woke up to the coolest news. My publisher in Poland, OTWARTE, commissioned a song for the publication of THROUGH THE EVER NIGHT on August 28th.

The name of the band is A Shade of Gray, and I basically want to hop on a plane and take a very, very long flight so that I can meet the band members and force hugs upon them. Guys, if you are reading this, you did an incredible job with the song!

Here's the Polish version of the video, with lyrics.

Here's the English version, with lyrics.

And here is a link to the band singing the song (for some reason I can't get the video up like the previous two!)

I'm amazed, flattered and so grateful.

Thank you OTWARTE, Paul Gmyterko, and A Shade of Gray!


  1. HOLY SMOKES. THat is freaking awesome. *is jealous* *and EXTREMELY HAPPY FOR YOU*

  2. I love this song :) . Polish love you Veronica :) . ♥

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you for your appreciation:) We absolutely love the book! It would be cool to meet you one day Veronica. We're going to release more extra content for the fans of the book soon, so stay tuned. With Love. A Shade of Gray.

  4. This makes me smile super hard! Congrats, hun!