Feb 28, 2013

Regarding Book Three

I've been getting this question a bit lately so here goes:

Book Three, INTO THE STILL BLUE, will be released, I'm almost sure, in January 2014. I'll let you guys know as soon as I have a firm date. 

Now. Since you're awesome, here's a super early snippet (which is liable to be edited out, so don't hold me to this.) 

Ahem. Without further ado, a little taste of Book Three:

“Yes, Molly, she is wounded and weak," Reef said, "but weakness is no longer a factor. We are all weak. What matters now is time. That is a factor. War rules. We do what's needed, when it’s needed." He pointed at Aria without looking away from Molly. "Right now that means she needs to know exactly what’s happening.”

Reef's words shook off any last wisp of fuzziness from Aria’s mind. They brought her back to where she’d been a week ago, alert and tense, a little breathless, with a sense of desperation curling inside of her like a stomachache.


  1. Ahh that snippet was evil. Now for the waiting...

  2. Thanks for the snippet! Hope the writing/editing goes well :)

  3. The evil "snippet" has struck...lol. thank you Veronica! Best wishes for the continued writing process

  4. *sigh*

    Death by author.

    At least it's a noble way to go.

  5. Eee! So excited.

    Ten months. I will survive teh months.

  6. I can't wait that long!!!! January seems cruel! ...But thanks for the snippet ;]

  7. Why couldn't I have discovered these books in January of 2014 instead?? I devoured them like Aether, in an instant! And I need the next one like they need the Still Blue.