Sep 12, 2012


An open letter to France, in celebration of UNDER THE NEVER SKY's publication there today.

A handful of years ago, while I was an art student here in California, I signed up for a semester of study abroad. In the program, I would spend a few days in Paris, followed by several months in Italy.

From the moment I arrived in Paris, I felt like I had appeared on a movie set. The architecture was gorgeous. The people were beautiful. Everything was so… stylish.

I had many unforgettable experiences while I was there. Everywhere I looked, I saw elegance and history. The Louvre blew my artist’s mind. A few friends convinced me to go to Pere Lechaise, which was an experience that was historically enlightening, and spine-tinglingly eerie. The Palais Garnier made such an impression on me that it appears, quite importantly, in my novel.

I ate many wonderful meals in Paris but one of my most memorable dinners happened, a bit oddly, at a Greek restaurant. I can’t remember the name of the place. What I remember is that about a dozen art students and myself ended up eating there one night, and a full plate-smashing, dancing until three in the morning affair ensued.

Paris, you have it all.

One of my dearest friends here in California is from Belfort (do any of you know Valerie? She’s wonderful.) Valerie tells me stories of how much more France has to offer outside of Paris. I wish I could have seen that for myself. One day, I will.

For now, I will content myself by knowing that my book is there, and that my characters are seeing a bit more of France than I could.

I hope you enjoy the novel. And thank you for reading.


  1. I've never been to Europe. I'd love to see Florence and Amsterdam.

  2. The French countryside IS beautiful--I hope you get a chance to make a return trip soon! Maybe when TTEN makes its own French debut?

  3. France is great! We go skiing in the Alps there every winter! But there are so many other great places to see! Wonderful country and fabulous food!

  4. Hello Veronica ;) I just read your book (in french) and it was brilliant ! I wish you a great success in France, you deserve it !