Jun 26, 2012

Update on My Assistants

This post has very little to do with UNDER THE NEVER SKY. It has very little to do with anything substantial, really. Don't say you weren't warned...

A few months ago, my editor asked me to put together a little video of my office and work space. She thought it might be interesting for people to see "behind the scenes." You can see it here, if you're so inclined. 

I'm probably guilty of making behind-the-scenes look a little more glamorous on the video than is actually the case. Right now, for example, I'm still in the running clothes I wore when I jogged this morning. It's hot here in Northern California and my scent has acquired a "delicate bouquet" throughout the day that might even turn Perry's nose. I digress.

My point wasn't to tell you that I'm seldom very pulled together when I write. The point was to respond to the inquiries I've received regarding my assistants, Ivan and Lola. Many of you (yes, many) have asked for an update. Here it is:

Here's the old girl, feeling miserable and smelling bad.
Doesn't she look forlorn? 
 Lola has fallen on hard times recently. Approximately two weeks ago, in the middle of the night, she was absolutely doused by a skunk. The smell was such that nausea ensued for the entire the family. Tomato juice was attempted. Store bought solutions, too. As were internet recommended treatments with warnings like: "Don't put a cap on the solution after you've mixed it or it'll explode." Nothing worked. She went to the groomer, but it was too late. Skunk juice, we were told, is oil-based and if you don't get it early, then you'll be living with it for a good long while.

Doesn't Ivan look, um, forlorn, too?

As unpleasant as the eau de skunk is for us humans, it has to be miserable for the old girl, (did you know dogs' sense of smell is 40x stronger than ours?) so I've given her a few weeks off the hard editing. She's recuperating daily. Thank you in advance for your well-wishes.

Ivan, on the other hand, spends a few hours sitting on the top porch step overseeing the neighborhood like Mufasa. Then he terrorizes birds, lizards, cats, dogs and the occasional kid for a few hours and heads inside to spend the rest of his days like this.

Such a hard life.
I have not given Ivan the summer off, but he doesn't listen. He has been warned and placed on probation. I sincerely hope he shapes up, but between you and me, his assistant position might open up soon.

There you have it. My assistants. Now back to writing.


  1. Did Ivan steal your spot on the couch? ;-)

  2. As another Northern California girl, I think I recognize some of those inspirational places! I got out of my exercise clothes to shower at about 3, so I'm slightly ahead of your game. And Ivan looks like a furrier version of my Pippin--and also like the two Maine Coons we currently have for adoption at Fat Kitty City.

    1. I wish you hadn't mentioned the MC's up for adoption... SO TEMPTED!

    2. Read that as Main Characters at first glance, lol! We get a lot of Maine Coons--sometimes I think the sanctuary director just labels any longhaired tabby as either a Maine Coone or Norwegian Forest Cat. And they could be, but if their personality is off the charts, then I know they're Maine Coons for sure! Ours was like a border collie, learned to open doors and everything.

  3. V, I can't believe you said this post didn't contain anything substantial. As if your assistants weren't important!! No wonder they look forlorn ;)

    1. Ugh, Erin. You're right! Now I feel terrible...

  4. Look at the pretty, fluffy, cuddly kitty! I mean, Ivan. Ivan is a serious cat name. He does serious assistant work.

    Also, SUPER EXCITED can't stop thinking about how the cover for #2 will look... so soon! So exciting! Only another 6 months until the boooooooook! Is it safe to say you'll have a huge wall size poster of it hanging in your office? I'd say that's appropriate. :)

  5. Sallie, I'm glad you liked the cover! And yes!! I will definitely have a big poster printed. Are you kidding me? Of course! <33