Aug 26, 2011

People Are So Cool & Quotable Friday

1. Y'all are leaving the nicest messages in the comments below, and via email, about wanting to read my book. I've heard from old high school buddies (Hi Adam and Rae!), writing friends (Hi Aimee, Elizabeth, Janis!), internet friends (Hi PB and Beth!) and people who are new (Hi everyone else! Welcome and hope to see you back.) Thank you for your support, guys. I so appreciate it. Good luck to all who have entered to win the ARC!

2. I'm going to try a new feature on Fridays and share some of my favorite quotes, on writing most often but occasionally about other things.

Here's one of my favorites to kick things off. This comes from agent and writing guru Donald Maass's book WRITING THE BREAKOUT NOVEL:

Every protagonist needs a torturous need, a consuming fear, an aching regret, a visible dream, a passionate longing, an inescapable ambition, an exquisite lust, an inner lack, a fatal weakness, an unavoidable obligation, an iron instinct, an irresistible plan, a noble ideal, an undying hope… whatever it is that in the end propels him beyond the boundaries that confine the rest of us and brings about fulfilling change.

Great, huh?

Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. That quote is powerful. I came across a word earlier as I was reading an article about "words no longer in existence." The word used was "illimitable." It is pure art how writers illustrate and illuminate an idea through words, thus challenging our intellect. We bring out the beauty and "the sexy" in words.

    I'm proud to be a writer.


  2. Oh yes, GREAT! Pushing the boundaries (I learn so much about this from my writing gurus---and precocious preschoolers...)

  3. Well said, Javon. And preschoolers can very wise indeed, pb!